Virtual Machine Backup

Traditional Apps Vs Virtual Machine Backup Softwares  

Most organizations tend to rely on traditional data backup and recovery software for their virtual machine backup, but there are many downsides to this approach.   Initially, virtual machines backups are done the same way as that done for physical servers, but as the number of servers increases, this method of backup most often starts breaking down.  

Efficient VM Backup Options For You  

The contemporary virtual server environments can be efficiently protected using any one of the backup methods:   Backup agents on VMs 

The most popular backup method of physical servers into a virtual server realm is by placing backup agents on each virtual machine. So, instead of placing one single backup agent per physical server, each Virtual Machine will get its own agent and backup jobs will run independently for each virtual machine. This approach is absolutely fine for a limited or small number of VMs, while as the VMs per hypervisor is high then there are high chances of performance problems to be created because of resource contention.    

Continuous Data Protection  

A CDP product that will be running on each virtual machine is one step ahead of backup agents that run traditional full and incremental backups. This product has the capacity to capture all the ongoing changes and puts a much smaller burden on the host machine than what the host machine does.    

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