Infrastructure Solutions

Infrastructure Solutions

We provide expert solutions and services that help you to streamline your IT infrastructure, supporting your business strategy.

Structured Cabling

Structured cabling is a way to organize the computer network and telephony cabling in an area such as an office building or university grounds. WISDOM IT dedicated specialists provide elegant structured cabling solutions, so that your company can take advantage of modern technology in a secure and cost-effective manner. With us, you can be sure about every bit of information on the way from the socket near your working space to the remote server.

CCTV Surveillance

What makes us stand apart from other companies are the variety of CCTV services. Our qualified professionals are committed to delivering the best quality service, offering the services on most competitive, highly innovative and technology products for your security and surveillance requirements. We look to build a safe and secure environment across Commercial and residential segments.

Wi-Fi Solution

WISDOM IT works with all major wireless network technologies to offer campus wide wireless networking solutions and fastest deployment at lowest price. A Wifi network gives easy and instant access to network. Our WIFI arrangements are kept up to guarantee your speculation gives high esteem and efficiency through high system accessibility. We can moderate impedance, to give the greatest inclusion and dependable execution.

IP Telephony Solution

Communication is a basis for any business, and telephone systems are still the most popular method of inner and external communication.

Phone network installation includes the assembly of a PBX system. VoIP server installation also implies installation of IP gateways and proper software. WISDOM IT specialists perform all onsite work in a timely manner without interruptions in the working process and any other discomfort for company employees.

Endpoint Security Solutions

Endpoint Security is the process of protecting from malicious threats in the different endpoints on a network through as end users devices such as desktops, laptops, mobile devices as well as network servers in a data center considered endpoints. Every device with a remotely connecting to the client devices are the possible entry point for security threats.

Endpoint Security solutions streamline security measures with multi-layer protection at the point of entry for many attacks as well as the point of existence for sensitive data.

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